Don’t just reach retirement

Relish Retirement.

We seek tax-efficient and risk-management strategies to
help you retire with confidence and stay retired.

Our Process

Step One


Schedule a meeting to sit down with us and discover what your ideal retirement looks like.

Step Two


Using the J. Alan Financial plan, we’ll examine your current financial situation and determine your retirement needs.

Step Three


Receive a custom strategy to help you reach your unique retirement goals.

Today's retirement is different.

It’s not the final chapter in the book of life but rather the beginning... a second act. Join us at one of our seminars to see how we can help you with your retirement plan.

Stay Informed

Safely Rappel Down the Retirement Summit

You need gear and a guide, but what else? Download this 12-page guide to discover what four retirement-related questions you should answer today, why putting your finances to use in, and where to turn for financial planning guidance.


Get To Know Us

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Our mission is to help individuals enter retirement and stay retired. Our primary focus is to help reduce income taxes on retirement assests and helping to reduce risk.